I’m here to help you go (or stay) vegan.

Welcome! My name is Nzinga and I’m here to help with all things vegan. This space is for anyone who enjoys vegan dishes, but this newsletter will be especially helpful for new and aspiring vegans.

Expect delicious plant-based recipes, practical tips for staying on course, discount codes from my favorite vegan brands, and encouraging words to help along the way. You’ll be able to ask me questions via Q&A posts and communicate with other members of our virtual group as well!

As part of the Guide’s community, you can anticipate two vegan recipes a week. One Tried & True (made it myself and would do it again) and one Tryout (haven’t cooked it yet but it looks amazing). The dishes I share will be filling and flavorful and use ingredients that are easily found at your local grocery store. I’m also all about sticking to a budget--none of these recipes will break the bank. My goal is to offer you practical support for going and staying vegan. 

A Little About Me

My name is Nzinga (pronounced in-ZING-ah) and I was raised in a vegetarian home. I started eating fish and chicken in college but attempted to go full vegan a few years later.

It was hard.

There were many years between my decision to go vegan and fully committing. A meditation retreat did it for me eventually and I’ve been a semi-regular meditator and very regular vegan ever since.

In the six years since I became a full-time vegan,  I’ve blogged on the subject for HuffPost, been on staff for two animal rights nonprofits, spoken around the world about vegan issues, and built an Instagram community that I adore.

I’m non-judgmental (but also no-nonsense) and focus my efforts on people like you: people who want to get there but need a little help.

I’m a little help.